Thursday 11 June 2009

List of Exhibitions
British Ceramacists New York and Sarrasota
Oriel-Y-Felin Trefin
Royal Academy Bristol
W2 Brecon
Dragonfly Gallery Barnes London
Ladygate Gallery Beverley E. Yorkshire
Studio 1 Hampstead London
Ginger Gallery Bristol
Mignon Gallery Bath
Welsh Artist of the Year Cardiff
Cheltenham Gallery The Parade
Oriel Gallery Welsh Arts Council
Fishgaurd Gallery Pembroke
National Museum of Wales Cardiff
Charleston Manor Sussex
Craft in the Bay Cardiff
Craftsman Potters Association London
St Donat's Arts Centre
Casson Gallery London
Newport Art Gallery
Rufford Arts Centre
Ceri Richards Art Gallery Uni. Swansea
Dartington Crafts Centre
St David's Hall Cardiff
Anno Domini Leeds
Llantarnum Grange Arts Centre
Biennalle Ceramics Vallauris France
Artisan Cardiff
Frobel Institute Frechen Museum Germany
Washington Gallery Penarth
Tredegar House Newport
Wessex Gallery Wareham
Ceramic Futures Caylus France.
Old Hall Cowbridge
Dragonfly Bowl from a recent exhibition in France

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Dragonfly Pocket form