Sunday 17 January 2010

Birthday, Christening,Annivesary and House name Plaques

Approx Sizes: Birthday, Christening 14cms & 20cms Wedding Plaques 20cms & 28cms
Prices 14cms £20 & 20cms £30. Wedding Plaques 20cms £30 &28cms £50(including P&P)
Bespoke Birthday, Christening and plaques for special occasions personalised
with name dates birth weights times etc Marriage dates couples names etc all individualy hand written . all plaques are high fired Porcelain and can incorporate personal designs.

House Plaques are high-fired glazed and frost proof maintaining origional colour.

Approx Sizes in the round 28cms Oval 30cms x 23cms .
Prices Round approx eg Simple Number and border design £70(including P&P)
Oval approx eg Name ,number or both and border design £90(including P&P)
(Bespoke designs to customers requests.)

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